Tuesday, June 8, 2010

They Say It's Your Birthday!

Seems silly to talk about birthdays on a blog named for the Hatter, since he's all about UN-birthdays, but here I go again.

Random thoughts for the big 3-6.

Still don't feel like a grown up. Except when I said the following last week: "If you keep standing like that you're going to stay that way forever." To Morgan, who was hunched over in ape-like knuckle-dragging pouting position.

I was told that 36 is the new 24. Thanks, Shiga!

I never post anything but this blog on Facebook, so I was pleasantly surprised to see all the birthday wishes from the people I stalk quietly.

Does Jodi Picoult write any books that don't make me want to crawl under my covers weeping for the unfairness of life? I mean really. Her writing style is great. She should use her powers for good sometimes. So any suggestions of her writing other than The Pact, My Sister's Keeper, and Songs of the Humpback Whale that won't make me want to become a hermit, send them my way, fellow readers.

On the other hand...thoroughly enjoying Josh Wolk's Cabin Pressure. Already laughed out loud a couple of times and only three chapters in. Real life is always funnier than fiction.

Just because it has vampires and/or werewolves in it, doesn't mean it's good. But bring on True Blood, Season Three. Premieres on Sunday! Yahoo!

I think I can be satisfied with being a writer and not being a Writer. For now.

36 years and the closest I've gotten to Joey McIntyre is an autographed CD. Scott is safe. For now.

Midges, Midges, go away! Ugh....the swarms....it's disgusting. Is it just me, or is this season lasting FOREVER? And for the record, Scott called me outside last night to look at the clouds of them in the sky and he admitted they sounded just like an idling car. SCORE!

Still don't know how my children will grow up not hating me, when the no's out number the yes's so dramatically.

In an unrelated story: Morgan told me she couldn't wait for her own house so she could plant a cherry tree.

"Because you can do whatever you want at your own house...and then I'll marry, Daddy."

"Umm...you can't actually marry Daddy."

"Why? Is he not aloud to marry more than one person?"

"That's part of it."

"Okay...but I DON"T want to marry a bald man."

"Duly noted."


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!!!!.....Lov Ya, Nana and Papa T

  2. Happy Birthday to another Gemini (I'm June 2nd). So you're 36—still wet behind the ears. Go ahead and feel them and see if I'm not right.

    When I used to make goofy faces as a boy, my mom always said that one day my face would freeze like that. She was absolutely correct, but I've learned to live with it.

    And you can never say "no" too often. I had so many of them that they've come in handy using them on Martha.

    "Wanna go shopping with me?" she'll ask.
    "No." It's as simple as that.

  3. Phil will be so disappointed that he is not on Morgan's husband list.

  4. Charlie - happy belated birthday to you, too.
    Michelle - perhaps he is the reason she has come to this conclusion...just kidding...