Monday, June 14, 2010

For Your Viewing Pleasure

I have nothing to blog about, so I thought I'd comment on some movies I was actually able to watch over the past weekend. None of them involved Strawberry Shortcake.

"So I got that going for me...which is nice." - Carl from Caddyshack

From Here to Eternity

I noticed this was on Turner Classic Movies, and I had never seen it before, so I figured I'd record it. I love old movies, and I'm familiar with the beach scene between Burt Lancaster and Deborah Kerr.

So familiar, in fact, that somebody was showing me pictures from Hawaii once and they had a picture of this beach. They mentioned that some famous movie was filmed there with Burt Reynolds, but they couldn't remember what the movie was called. I looked at the picture again, and said, "Do you mean Burt Lancaster in From Here to Eternity?" "Yeah, that's it.

This struck me as funny, because that's a far cry from The Bandit (which is the character I automatically picture when Burt Reynolds is mentioned) making out with some hot rod model in the sand. It also strikes me as sad that I knew a beach from a movie I had never seen. This is why my brain can't hold any more information.

Back to the movie...I didn't even finish it, it was so bad. Every single character over-reacted to every other character. You couldn't go two minutes of dialogue without someone misunderstanding somebody else. Annoying.

So I'm not sure if Deborah Kerr (the tramp) left her husband (the philanderer) to be with Burt Lancaster (the womanizer). And I don't know if Montgomery Clift (the whiner) was forced to box or Donna Reed (the hooker) gave up the business. I'm guessing someone was killed in Pearl Harbor. It was probably Frank Sinatra. But it doesn't even bother me that I don't know, that's how much I didn't like this movie.

Sidebar: "He said I was over-reacting and I said, why would I over react, nobody in my family over reacts!?" Annie in Father of the Bride

Sidebar 2: Despite how much a didn't like this movie, I loved the way everyone looked in it. Those were the days when movie stars were "movie stars" and not "celebrities."

Disclaimer: I read the review of this movie on and that person loved it for all the reasons I hated it.

Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland

Even Zoe enjoyed it when she sat still long enough to notice. Although the main part she screamed in laughter at was when the Bandersnatch was chasing everyone down, which is slightly concerning.

When it was in theaters, Morgan told me I would have to go by myself because it looked like a grown up movie. Which I agreed, but then didn't end up getting to see it. While there are some scary parts, it wasn't actually that bad. Nothing nightmarish. And she loved it.

This also means that I have yet to actually completely watch the movie, because Morgan kept giving me the running commentary and comparison to other versions of Alice throughout the whole thing. Afterall, she is my child.

"Why isn't her dress the same? How come this time she fell into the hole instead of going through the mirror? You know the other Alice has brown hair and that Hatter doesn't look so weird. Why is this Hatter wearing makeup? Why are those twins mean looking? This Cheshire cat is a different color. I like Alice and The White Queen, who do you like? Do you like the Hatter? Is he supposed to be nice. Is the Bandersnatch nice now?"

I did love it...despite my annoyance from the outset that they combined The Red Queen with The Queen of Hearts into one character even though The Red Queen is not really all that mean in the book.

I will also say this is one of the best mixes of CGI and real people I've seen in a while. The March Hare and Doormouse looked incredibly realistic next to The Hatter.


I stumbled across this on IFC Saturday night and hadn't seen it in ages. It was a tough call between watching this and The Legend of Billie Jean on Showtime (also starring Christian Slater...what are the odds?).

Yes, I'll admit, not as deep as we made it out to be as teenagers, but still a classic. And so many quotes. "F___ me gently with a chain saw," being the most memorable. Sorry, Mom. I almost spit my pop out when Heather C. said it. I forgot that was even from this movie.

Other notables:

Veronica: "What's your damage, Heather?"

JD: Is your life perfect?
Veronica: No, my life's not perfect. I don't really like my friends. It's like - they're the people I work with and our job is being popular and shit.
JD: Maybe it's time you take a vacation.

Heather C: I bring you to a Remington party and what's my thanks? It's on the hallway carpet. I got paid in puke.
Veronica: Lick it up, baby. Lick. It. Up.

Ahhh...children of the eighties. We were so cool.


  1. I have your quirks, you have mine...

  2. I love "The Legend of Billie Jean!" I just watched it recently. Classic.....

    BTW - this is Jen. See you at our house on Friday?

  3. D - At least your mother didn't run you over with a Volvo.

    Jen - Fair is fair. And yes, we'll see you Friday. Was it you that left the Phil comment? I assumed it was Michelle.