Monday, May 31, 2010


That's not a typo - that's a D&G reference. They know who they are.

My parents recently got all new appliances for their kitchen. I requested to get the old fridge. We are Costco people - and the four cartons of orange juice, economy package of Gogurt and vat of pickles take up valuable real estate.

And of course since my parents old fridge is newer than our old fridge, I suggest we move the newer old one into the kitchen and the older old one to the garage. That's logic! And you can't go wrong with logic.

I have a sneaky suspicion I subconsciously knew I would get good blog material out of the endeavor.

We made a deal with my little brother that if he brought the fridge over and helped us switch them out, he could bring his daughter to play with Morgan and Zoe. Then he could stay and watch all three of them while Scott and I went and had a grown up dinner. That's also logic!

Now, we had originally thought it would be easiest to bring the fridge through the front door so we wouldn't have to make such a sharp turn. But before John got there I mentioned that I didn't think it would fit between the counter and the stove, unless we moved the stove out, too.

So we did some measurements in the back hallway and decided, even though it would be tight, the backdoor would work. We were going to have to take the refrigerator doors off either way.

Of course taking the doors off required a socket wrench doohickey in the one size that could not be found in our pristine workshop. So there was naturally a trip to the hardware store, but that was the only one, which I consider a small miracle.

Of course we wedged the refrigerator in the door frame while trying to make the sharp turn around the counter, but all I had to do was mention that we could always pry the door trim off that it was caught on, and it miraculously freed itself.

Of course we had to move the stove anyway to get the older old refrigerator out the front door. And that's right, we brought the new one in before taking the old one out. How else were we going to keep our vat of pickles cold?

Time it took to get the newer old refrigerator in: 2 hours and 38 minutes.

Time it took to get the older old refrigerator out: 29 minutes.

I just made those up, but that is a rough estimate.

Naturally, I had a few cocktails at our grown up dinner to celebrate our appliance upgrade. This could be why I found myself waking up Scott at 5 AM, while I was trying to find my glasses. "I think the neighbors drove their car into our back yard!"

See, I had gotten up to use the bathroom and take some Advil, and I heard what sounded like the low hum of an idling engine (turns out it was most likely a locust of some sort). I wedge myself between the toilet, radiator and shower wall to look out the high window, where I distinctly see a large white truck parked where only my yard should be.

Once returning with my glasses, and Scott on my heels, I wedge myself again (instead of walking downstairs and looking out a normal window, of course) and can still see the truck...until I focus enough to realize I'm not looking through the window.

It's one of those older windows that crank outwards from the house. And it is at the perfect angle to create a reflection of our driveway and Scott's white Ford Edge parked where it always is.

I take my Advil and fall back into blissful sleep.


  1. And this is why (sheephead) that we always loved waking you up in the middle of the night.

  2. I could be wrong, but it sounds to me that, with your help, Scott's and John's fridge swap was absolutely perfect. It's called the peckerhead method, which I've written about and truly believe works—as long as an engineer isn't involved or instructions consulted.

    So. You're as blind as a bat at high noon without your specs, huh?

  3. D - so many moments!
    Charlie - blind...idiot...take your pick.

  4. Thank you, Anna, for actually making your cousin Katie feel better by relating that "car in the backyard" experience. I thought I was the only person in our age group who did stuff like that. Sometimes I'm able to blame it on my 20/600 vision, but usually I'm just "pulling a Mom," as Rachel likes to put it. And I am laughing as I imagine what Scott's reaction must have been!