Saturday, June 26, 2010

Dave Matthews Band

It's been years since I've gone to a Dave Matthews Band concert. I'm thinking...maybe 10. Yikes. I was surprised to see high school kids still coming. I thought the crowd might have aged with him. On the other hand, the fact that the crowd never got worked up except for Ants Marching, which is from when I was in college, tells me a couple things have not changed.

1. Most people don't listen to anything that doesn't get played on the radio, because they don't understand the jam band concept. (Contrary wise, the minority own 50 million live concert CDs and therefore EVERY song he plays is their favorite, and every concert is better than the last.)

2. The kids know they can go there and smoke pot without people really giving a damn and couldn't care less what song he is playing.

While I liked the concert okay, the set list was a little too mellow for lawn seats. I think I would have liked it more in the pavilion where the crowd was more lively. It's too hard to carry the enthusiasm for everyone around you (Scott, Chad, and Jen exempted from this blanket statement).

On the other hand, I did have ample texting opportunity. And will now share those with the rest of you. (I will leave in the typos so you can see how truly horrible my texting abilities are after tail-gating for a couple hours. I was DD, so I stopped drinking when we went in to amphitheater, but the beer was so expensive Scott stopped too, so he ended up driving anyway!)

Author's note: Some conversations may have been combined for the sake of narrative.

A: In concert. Shiga has been in his car FOREVER.

A: There is a bald guy in front of me. Pretending he's u.

A: And now in line for restroom agian.

A: And then her friend said "He told me we didn't make out but then he told everyone else we did"

A: Oh bitches just cut in line. I will end them. But mary j smell is great.

Sidebar: The smell of nature's sweet ganja brings to mind so many things in that former life of zero responsibilities called college. It's as the world's foremost expert on Proust would understand from "Remembrance of Things Past", scent is always the most powerful memory. That's an inside joke for Scott.

A: Just finished nacho dinner. Lots of girls named sarah

Sidebar: When I ordered my nachos the nice woman asked if I wanted cheese and salsa or double cheese. My response was, "Double cheese me, baby." In my defense, I had just finished my fifth beer and was STARVING.

A: Another bald guy sighting.

J: Bald dudes love Dave...what can I say.

A: Kid in 80's fushia tank top just walked by. Might as well have siad duran duran

A: And guy playing fake saxaphone

A: Somebody yelled "fuck yeah dude. love u dave."

J: You find Shiga?

A: Guys in opposite football practice jerseys. No shiga.

A: Crazy bitches next to me that can't dance but think they can

Sidebar: I told Scott they looked like they were doing a tribal birthing ritual dance.

A: Scott just told me he was going off to explore AKA find a tree to pee on

Don't you all wish that you had been on the receiving end of those deep thoughts?

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