Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Dear Professor

My favorite blogger (Charlie) is not doing too well (Suffers from emphysema, I believe). Rushed to the hospital and all. I told Scott I was little worried this time. Usually he goes missing, but turns back up and fills us all in on the latest calamity. Or to complain that the ambulance driver wouldn't turn on the siren. But this time he had a friend post for him to let us all know of the situation.

If you've never visited his page before, I highly recommend it. You can even leave a little note of encouragement to his long suffering wife Martha.

It's weird to feel so connected to someone you have never met, but his comments on my crap hole of a blog have always brightened my day. His blog is far superior, whether he's being his usual curmudgeony wise ass or dipping into his painfully serious past with alcoholism.

I find myself checking every few hours to see if his friend has left an update, but so far it's just been an ever-growing comment thread from his hundreds of "followers." We should all hope to be so loved.

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