Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day!

Morgan: You know how I said we should get Daddy a tie for his birthday?
Mommy: Yes, I vaguely recall.
Morgan: Well, I have an even better idea. Let's get him a tie for Father's Day and a suit for his birthday. Doesn't that sound like a much better plan?
Mommy: OOOOkkkaaayyy.

I'm not quite sure how she came up with the whole tie idea on her own and I thought she would forget about it when we went into Sears yesterday to look for something. But there we were, heading to the Men's department to look for a tie instead of a cool gardening or cooking gadget. Sorry Dad.

But this is a small Sears, and basically has ten square feet of a men's department filled with Land's End and does not include ties. So he was almost off the hook until she spotted something even better than the tie.

"Look at this pink shirt! We can get him this and then a suit for his birthday and then a tie for Christmas!"

If only I could get her to coordinate her own outfits so meticulously.

So yes, when Scott gets home from his triathlon he will be opening a pink, button-down Land's End dress shirt. Just what he's always wanted, I'm sure. But if you had seen the way her face lit up, you would have bought it for him, too.

Oh, and for some reason, she has chosen to hide his present and make him look for it. Very insistent.

Happy Father's Day to any Dad that can keep it together while opening presents from their pre-schoolers. (And to Scott, who now has his birthday to look forward to. How do I not end that sentence in a preposition? "to which to look forward?")

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