Sunday, May 27, 2012

De ja Vu

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice…I’m packing up my shit and going home.

Perhaps you don’t remember last year’s Relay for Life fiasco when our first-time relay team was shocked and appalled that we were the only team that actually “relayed” the entire night. Blogged about here.

After such a disappointment, we were almost relieved that Bay didn’t get a committee together this year and we could move our team to neighboring River. (Almost…but we love our Bay friends and Friday night is much more convenient than Saturday.)

We were very excited to be part of a relay where they teams still stayed the entire night, and not surprised that these teams consisted mostly of high school students and their chaperones. Youthful exuberance is always an important factor in philanthropy.

So why is that, by midnight, four mothers of preschoolers (one of which is PREGNANT) were the only team continuously on the track again? Four of us. So basically we were walking every other hour in order to walk in pairs and not go crazy with delirium.

While every one of those high school kids hung out at their tents – most of them falling asleep around 4am. Shame on all of you.

I know ACS is just happy to get the money we raised. I get it. They can’t go around forcing people to walk all night. It just makes me sad.

Anyway…in case you’re wondering what we can talk about for that long, topics of conversation included, but were not limited to: sleeping, eating, and bowel movement habits (of our kids, of course); diet; exercise; cruising; attachment parenting; jam bands vs The Allman Brothers; elementary school teachers; DIBELS; meeting and marrying our spouses; and the ever popular WHY THE HELL ARE WE HERE?

On a bright and non-cynical note…most of the money we raised at our booth was due to Morgan walking around the track with our bags of pop corn and just outright asking people to buy it from her. She did this with absolutely no prompt from us whatsoever. People really are a sucker for cute kids.

She also insisted we give a few bags away to people that “looked like they were working hard.” The compassion in this girl knows no bounds.

Anyway…don’t look for us on the track next year, but if you haven’t signed up for Tour de Bay, please do. It also goes towards our team’s donation for the year. And if you all like it, we will make it our one and only annual fund raiser.

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  1. Sorry to hear you had such a low turn out, and for such a great cause! Hopefully ACS appreciates all the hard work you 4 put in.