Thursday, May 31, 2012

Disclaimer: This is a shameless steal from Random Lunacy blog who stole it from The Pedestrian Writer’s blog, in which we list top celebrity crushes. There don’t appear to be any hard and fast rules around this, so being a person that likes to bucket things, I’m going to use that to my advantage.

It goes without saying that Joey McIntyre has and always will occupy my number one spot. I won’t belabor the point.

The Eye Candy Bucket – This is reserved for those whose sole purpose is to look good without their shirt on, preferably with disheveled hair. The leader in this category, of course, is Bradley Cooper. Honorable mentions to Alexander Skarsgard (True Blood), Kris Holden-Ried (Lost Girl and The Tudors), and Ryan Reynolds (anything but The Green Lantern).

The Avengers Bucket – If I could give a big sloppy kiss to the casting director for Marvel, I would.  I do have a soft spot for a superhero, originally fueled by Saturday mornings of Superfriends episodes and later re-ignited by Lois & Clark syndication.  In a VERY particular order: Robert Downey, Jr., Jeremy Renner, Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth.  And I’m just going to randomly throw in this bucket Christian Bale for Batman and Hugh Jackman for Wolverine.

The Dead Poet Society / School Ties Effect Bucket – How can you resist a guy in a boarding school jacket and tie?  Of course, I have to disqualify main actors Brendan Frasier and Ethan Hawke for being just too f-ing weird now, but I still have love for Robert Sean Leonard, Josh Charles and the guy that play Nuwanda from DPS and Chris O’Donnell, Matt Damon, Ben Affleck, and the guy that played Rip Van Kelt (awesome name) from ST.

If I was forced to make a Sports bucket…I’d probably pick the Manning brothers, because they are hysterical.  Then I’d default to things other people don’t consider sports and pick Tony Hawk and Jonny Moseley for just being so frackin’ cool.

I don’t think I can do a Music bucket, because it depends on what I’m currently listening to.  I did have some mad love for Jon Bon Jovi that has never faded, though.

But mainly, my overall celebrity crushes fall into this last category…Cute But Nerdy Funny Guy Bucket.

Leading off this list is Paul Rudd. Since he took the Knightly roll in Clueless, he’s had a special place in my heart. Then his whole stint on Friends kind of clinched it. And now his involvement in Judd Apatow movies is just the icing on the cake. The remainder of the list would include, but is not limited to, Jason Bateman, Adam Brody (That’s right, The O.C., baby), Joel McHale, Andrew Lee Potts (Primeval, and the BEST Hatter ever) Jake Johnson (New Girl), and Ty Burrell (Yes, the DAD on Modern Family. Do you not understand how funny he is?)

To get back in his good graces after suffering through this, I should probably add that I do kind of have my own personal Iron Man.   So I am by no means complaining here. You're shmoopy.


  1. Great list! No girl crushes though? Lol...that's okay. I like how you made 'buckets', sounds much neater that way.

    Ryan Reynolds and Ben Affleck nearly made my guys list, but Affleck's crossing to the darkside (he'll play an NY Yankee in a movie) and Reynolds is teetering on the edge of my beefcake threshold. (example: Bradley Cooper is acceptable. Chris Hemsworth is not.)

    See, if I had a guy type (and you didn't give me any girls to comment on, so what else can I say?) I'd go for the lean, athletic ones. I didn't even think of Tony Hawk--shame on me! Skater boys all day! :-)

    1. Beefcake threshold...I love it. But I would have to give a pass to any large dude that acts with kids. Example: Vin Diesel in The Pacifier...teddy bear. Sad, I know.

      Girl crushes...forgot that part. Definitely Zooey. Rachel Bilson. And...wait for it...Amanda Bynes. LOVE her.

    2. Amanda Bynes?!? No freakin way! I had theeee biggest crush on her for at least five years. Then she fell in with the wrong crowd, lost her cuteness, and got one too many DUIs. But yeah, totally. If I had an all-time top five, Amanda would be right near the top.

  2. I must add to the shirtless hunk list a guy who also skated the edge of making my overall top 5 list - Alex O'Loughlin (Hawaii 5-0). I think I watch that show just to see him running up from the waves in the milisecond they show it in the opening credits. And he's hysterically dry. And has that classic Townie look I am drawn to like the proverbial moth to flame. Plus, no man should be allowed to look that good in cargo pants, its a crime. And I'd be happy to arrest him for it lol Here's what I'm talking about on the shirtless factor, yummy yes please. I was a HUGE X-Men fan (like owned the comic books & watched the weekday cartoon long before the movies were made) and Wolverine was always my fave despite the bright yellow spandex & blue hair. Hugh definitely raised the bar on hotness.

    I love that you gave a shout to your own hot guy here too...luckily Matt just rolls his eyes at me most of the time or he might have been offended I didn't include his pic too haha

    I'm thinking with all your awesome categories I might have to go back & revise...

  3. Don't know why my computer isn't letting my hit "reply". Ugh. You sold me on Hawaii 5-0. Not really, but you sold me on that guy.

    Also, Boston people must have a very different definition of the term "Townie" from us midwesterners. What exactly is that? In college towns, townies are the old, local WT that hang out in the bars.

    Scott probably wouldn't have cared too much, except we both forgot our anniversary last week, so we are feeling vulnerable : )HA!

  4. I wish I could add details about my own crushes, but I am too stunned by the photo of Scott, especially the musculature in his upper arms. I have been rendered speechless.

    1. It's pretty much the ideal action photo of him...notice I didn't take it.