Monday, May 30, 2011

A Relay for Life Poem

Dedicated to all the awesome women of the Early Childhood PTA team: Emmie, Jenna, Chrissy, Jodee, Jill, Kim, Leslie, Heather, Shannon, Katy, Lisa, Jacqui, Emily (and I know I'm forgetting people, so I'm counting on others to fill in the blanks).

And it's also dedicated to everyone that showed up at our booth to support our fundraiser.

And it's especially dedicated to anyone who has fought against cancer.

I apologize for liberties of rhyme and meter.

'Twas the night of the Relay
and all 'round the scene,
Not a creature was stirring
except for our team.

The candles were lit
in their bags with great care,
In memory of loves ones
no longer there.

The other teams were nestled
all snug in their beds,
while visions of curly fries
danced in their heads.

But five of us moms,
in our sweatshirts and caps,
Had just settled in
for our overnight laps.

We couldn't believe
there was no noise or clatter,
And we searched the whole field
to see what was the matter.

Around the whole track
we searched high and low,
But couldn't help wonder,
"Where did they all go?"

Spotlights shone brightly
to light everyone's way,
But we were the only
team that had stayed.

And what to our wondering
eyes did appear?
But a long stretch of track
and five moms without beer.

Less rapid than eagles,
our laps stayed the same;
And we whistled and shouted
and called out our names.

On Emmie, on Jacqui
on Lisa, on Kim
Thanks to those walking
before it got dim.

And though only Lisa
was lively and quick,
We all did our part
through thin and through thick.

A buttload of junk food
we took out of our packs
That helped us get through
without any naps.

We spoke lots of words
as we went through the night,
And sometimes I wondered
if my shoes were too tight.

And just as Emmie and I
went to dose,
Katy showed up
and then the sun rose.

We sprang back to life
and our team gave a shout.
In the end, we were proud
that we had worked it out.

From all of the team
to our PTA peeps,
We hope you remember
"Cancer never sleeps!"

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