Saturday, May 19, 2012

Zoe's Favorite Things - Age 4

Tomorrow morning, around 2AM, will be 4 years since we brought Zoe into this world.  As I wrote that it just occurred to me what they say about your child's sleeping habits being comparable to the time they were born.  She's definitely an early riser and often wakes up for a drink around 2AM....hmmm.

In the early years of this blog you may have thought her name was Devil's Spawn.  But to be fair, her sister was a very mellow baby, so we didn't have a lot to go on at the time. 

In an effort to actually do one of things from Pinterest that I said I was going to do, I asked Zoe to complete the following questionairre, which I will hopefully update every year. Yes, I know that's a laughable idea.

Here it is in her words.

Best Friend: Paige
Movie: Witch and the Wardrobe (Narnia)
TV Show: Austin and Ally (It's captivating, I tell you.  No arguements here.)
Toy:  Babies (shocker)
Book:  All the books
Color: Purple
Song: Kiss me on my shoulder song (Miles, by Christina Perri)
Food:  Chicken on the bone (that would be those pre-roasted jobbies you get from Heinen's)
Dessert: Candy and Cookies (another shocker)
Thing to do as a family: Play and walk and go to the playground
Thing about Morgan: Her American Girl Doll (yes, she covets)
Thing about Mommy: Playing babies with me
Thing about Daddy:  Nothing (I did question her on this one, because she is a Daddy's Girl and always picks him over me, but she said she couldn't think of anything.)
Things about Thea's (sitter):  Playing Polly Pockets

What do you want to be when you grow up?  Susan (Narnia) and have a home and have a baby and have some children.

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