Thursday, May 20, 2010

Road to Kindergarten - Episode 2

Morgan graduated from preschool last night, during which she won the prestigious "perfect attendance" award with one other little girl. Gift certificate to a local ice cream shop. She couldn't have been more proud.

Nana Turtle pointed out that has a lot to do with her thin medical file! Score another one for me.

Papa Turtle looked to the future and saw multiple college scholarships coming her way. I'm all for that. Although first we have to get past that pesky letter and number recognition. I'm fairly confident.

She also shushed a fellow classmate as they were arranging themselves to sing a song, so I foresee tackling the "Teacher's Pet" conundrum. Ugh!

They all wore handmade mortar boards, and I noted that there was a shocking lack of quality control in the assembly, as Morgan's was way too big for her head and kept falling off. She blamed Rory for knocking it, but kept replacing it with determination and a little help from another Butterfly named Ava, who is the spitting image of a young Lindsey Lohan if you remember The Parent Trap re-make.

I can't believe the school year went by so quickly and we are on to summer "vacation" which will include Safety Town, more swim lessons, an attempt at ballet lessons, Daisy Scouts and all the other things that make the word "vacation" inappropriate.

P.S. Happy birthday to our dear little Zoe, who turned 2 today. In typical 2nd child fashion, she got two candles in a Little Debbie snack cake. Relax, her real party is this weekend. I'm a little worried what the "terrible twos" have in store for us.


  1. Congratulations to Morgan and Happy Birthday to Zoe!

    Mortarboards in preschool. Next is kindergarten, and either a theis or orals.

    I just knew those mudpies would keep her healthy. When I was four, they were my favorite food group next to M&Ms.

  2. Did we get any of this? I don't remember graduations from preschool and kindergarten. Someone owes me gifts...

    Happy birthday to Zoe (my mother called to tell me this news as she has them all on her kitten calendar).

    Congrats to Morgan!

    Condolences on the lack of summer vacation.

  3. i do have pictures of myself in a mortarboard graduating preschool, so i don't think this is new.

    morgan's was of the poster board variety, not nearly as high class.