Sunday, May 23, 2010


Lake Erie today. Can't tell the lake from the sky. I wish the goofus hanging over the dock hadn't been in the picture, but I never even noticed him.

Today I have been married twelve years, which by my calculation means I was eleven on our first day of wedded bliss. Because I kind of like the whole list making blog from the derby, I am setting out again.

Those 12 years included, but were not limited to (I get this line from writing job descriptions):
4 cities, 3 apartments, and 2 homes

1 law degree and passed bar exam

7 employers, 1 downsizing

1 St. Bernard with IBS

12 vacations: including 1 honeymoon in Yellowstone, where we shared a bathroom with all the guests of Old Faithful Lodge; 1 camping trip in Maine that resulted in sleeping in the back of the borrowed Blazer; 1 trip to Florida during Hurricane Francis; and 1 trip to Delaware without cable TV which equaled a marathon viewing of the entire first season of The OC.

246 great inventions by Scott, which other people stole

7 vehicles: including 1 blue bird Escort AKA "WT" that lost part of its muffler in the final stages before death, and 1 red Jetta that made it through the Hookahville swamp of 2000 unassisted when all other autos had to be dislodged by hundreds of rain soaked hippies

1 hour and 15 minutes of active labor (1 hour for Morgan, 15 minutes for Zoe)

2 beautiful offspring

Scott and I are not good about the whole anniversary thing. The year Morgan was born, we completely forgot. I like to think it is because our life is so full with the above, it seems silly to remember one day.

Today Scott got up for a long bike ride, to get back in triathlon mode after the marathon. The girls and I "slept in" together, which in Zoe's terms is 7 o'clock. We bought plants for attempt at a vegetable garden, we had a picnic at the beach, I took the girls to the playground, and Scott got his car washed. Pretty much a perfect day!


  1. No comments? What is this s**t?

    Happy Yesterday Anniversary to you and Scott. The bottom photo is great: Scott sandwiched between short and shorter. Zoe is especially fetching in her swimming negligee.

  2. Charlie: i have to admit, i'm not sure if you were defending my honor, because nobody comment on post yet, or if you're pissed that I haven't commented on yours in a while : ) But thank you.

  3. 2 Terrific people
    2 Terrific kids
    12 Terrific years
    Happy Anniversary...........Nana & Papa T

  4. Defending your honor, as it were, or better yet, your interesting and lively writing. Life is too short to get upset over comments.

    I would, however, suggest that you change the heading, "Better Bloggers Than Me". It is a filthy untruth because I think you're a great blogger.