Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Poor Man's Edition of Entertainment Weekly


First of all, did anyone else notice that John Cusack is playing the role of Edgar Allen Poe in the movie The Raven? Holy Excellent Casting, Batman! Finally, a casting director that doesn’t go for the obvious (Depp). The movie is not an adaptation of The Raven, but rather about a serial killer inspired by Poe’s work, which Poe himself is asked to help stop. Looks interesting. And I always choose Lloyd Dobbler.

“She gave me a pen. I gave her my heart, she gave me a pen.”

Second of all…Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Killer. Tagline…are you a patriot or are you a vampire? How great is it to see my favorite president kicking some vampire ass? Beyond words.

In the movie Looper, an older version of the character played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt will be played by Bruce Willis. Do I buy this? I don’t think so.

Why is there a Hunger Games 4 on IMDB? There were only three books. Please do not tell me they are going to split book 3 into two movies. BREAK THE CYCLE! If Lord of the Rings didn’t need to do it, NOBODY needs to do it!

On a related note, if you think I don’t have my ticket for the midnight viewing on Thursday, you don’t know me AT ALL!


Scott mentioned that he heard reality TV has made being a hillbilly cool (or something like that, I was trying to listen to Paul Jr. reveal his latest bike). I don’t know what he’s talking about, but maybe I’ve been too busy lately with my “To Do List”

  1. Check on illegal moonshine distillery in my parents woods.
  2. Repo the pick up truck from the guy that owns the storage facility where I lost the bid on that locker auction.
  3. Patent my newest duck caller.
  4. Hunt down the douche that skipped bond on me.
  5. Dig for gold in the Bering Sea.

This blog’s namesake is making a guest appearance on Once Upon a Time next Sunday. When Morgan and I had the Hatter sighting in the preview after this week's episode, we both gasped and looked at each other at the same time. Not sad, not sad at all. For fans of The Who...Roger Daltry is going to be the voice of the caterpillar. Also loved that two seconds later I got a text from Melissa. You are starting to know me too well.

Back up a week...Scott’s parents watched the girls the Sunday night we took Gramy to hear an orchestra. When they asked about bedtime, I said that they could stay up for Once Upon a Time, but then had to go to bed.

When we got home, I asked how bedtime went and was informed that everything went as intended. Then Papa Turtle said something along the lines of “that show’s a little weird” with some concern in his voice.

Upon watching the episode later that week, I realized the fairy tale they twisted up this time around was Little Red Riding Hood and (SPOILER ALERT) Red is the wolf! And she killed people. Including her boyfriend Peter. And there was a lot of blood. Hmmmm….questioning my parenting skills again. Probably should have recorded that one first to see if it was appropriate. Live and learn.


Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children. If you like the Young Adult genre and paranormal activity, I highly recommend! It’s been a great read in a time when I really needed a great read. Everything has been so “blah” lately.


  1. Couldn't agree more on "The Raven" because Cusack is a god-sent genius when it comes to becomming his characters. Plus, what I really like about it is that its inspired by Poe, not a direct translation of the poem. Poe is in my top Authors of all time & if they hacked up The Raven I probably would've been out holding a protest sign. But its a cool concept with a cool leading man. I predict however it likely doesn't end well for anyone lol

    Abraham Lincoln as a vampire killer though? Um...not so sure about that one!

    1. The trailer is pretty cool (you could always pretend he's NOT lincoln), but vampires and I go way back to the 80s...not for everyone, definitely.

  2. Already read Miss Peregrine's (one of the most-signed-out books in my classroom), so if you could recommend any other excellent reads, I could really use something distracting right now. You are always spot-on as a source of great fiction. Re: Hunger Games, I posted that nail-polish ad featuring Effie in my classroom with a countdown to the film's opening. Kids are psyched. The only aspect of the hype that annoys me is the Team Peeta/Team Gale thing....too much like Twilight. (But I would be on Team Peeta.) And I am in total agreement about the stupidity of splitting book 3 into 2 movies!

    1. I do hate that whenever there is a love triangle we have to refer to teams. I love peeta too, but I never felt that was my sole reason to read the books.

      I have been so disappointed lately in the books I've picked up. I'll have to go back to my goodreads account and see...if you want a fun,easy young adult try Beauty Queens by Libba Bray. More adult try Garden Spells, can't remember the author.