Monday, July 12, 2010

The Rabbit Sends in a Little Bill and Other Chapters

Morgan is officially concerned about our house burning to the ground.

In the past week, she has asked me multiple times about whether or not I remembered where I bought Poohbear blanket and Beluga? "Because if they are in the fire, I can't go get them."

"That's right. The most important thing is to get you and Zoe and Mommy and Daddy out of the house. And Mommy and Daddy will worry about Potter."

"But what if you can't buy another Poohbear and Beluga."

"Okay, you do know that it is highly unlikely that our house is going to catch on fire, right?"

"I think so."

"Well, I happen to know exactly how to get a new Poohbear blanket and Beluga."

"So I can't go back for them."

It then dawns on me that this is why she is taking this tote bag around with her everywhere. If she has the bag with her at all times, these items will not be caught in the house fire. I can't believe I missed it before.

Probably the drawback to having a "bright" child (not saying she's Einstein or anything) is that they worry about everything. I remember in Little Man Tate, the child prodigy had severe ulcers at age 8 because he was worried about nuclear war and teaching his mom how to balance her checkbook.

I can totally see this happening to Morgan, but she will be more concerned with what Poohbear and Beluga are doing while she's at Kindergarten. And how long it will be until she can watch her Strawberry Shortcake video again.

In a related story, at dinner last night she announced that she wished she were a bee.

"I could have a tiny Poohbear and tiny Beluga and carry them in a tiny backpack. Then I could have another backpack to collect my pollen."


Meanwhile Zoe has gone from single words to stringing sentences together like,

"Wait for me, Morgan." (used any time Morgan gets outside before her)
"Don't look at me, Mommy." (used when she is dropping a load in her diaper)
"Juice in Daddy's bottle." (used when she wants the left over Gatorade from Scott's bike ride)
"Get out of way, Potter." (used whenever she feels he is obstructing her path, no matter how unreasonable)

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