Saturday, July 3, 2010

Bay Days

(Day 1)
I should preface this with the fact that Morgan has been on countdown to Bay Days for at least two weeks. When I pick up the girls from daycare, Morgan's first question is "Do we have to walk there? Driving will be faster and use less energy?"
Yes, we have to walk the two whole blocks to Bay Days. I don't know where she gets this laziness from.
More than the rides, Morgan is very intent to "win" a prize. This is because there is a specific game where you pick a rubber duck out of a baby pool and whatever color that bottom is tells you what level of prize you "win." Basically, Mommy pays $3 each for a prize that probably costs 10 cents each in bulk. But sometimes $3 is worth it.
And another $20 in ride tickets doesn't get you nearly as far. 24 tickets, but each ride is 2 tickets, divided by 2 girls is a whopping 6 rides!
Finish that off with a funnel cake and a bottle of water and Mommy is tapped out. Have to settle in for the free entertainment.
No, this picture was not taken in 1982. To be fair, they had beautiful tenor voices and did a very good job. Well, except for the guy on the left who was barely moving his lips and looked like he was afraid his mom would beat him if he didn't pretend to sing. Mom was running the CD of orchestral accompaniment and introduced each song with a brief origination history. Fun and educational.
Fortunately for the girls, Nana and Papa show up and are suckered into shelling out for more games and rides.

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