Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Holiday Moments!

(Welcome back to the living, Professor! I missed you.)

So how about this oppressive heat wave? Fun times.

Morgan tried to play outside Monday morning, but came in after a few minutes declaring, "The flies and the hot are annoying me."

She walked through the kitchen with what has lately become the ever-present Camp Rock tote of all her worldly goods (beluga; pooh bear blanket; library book I thought we lost so I paid for it, only to find it under the stove when we moved it to bring in the refrigerator; etc.).

Scott responded, "Carrying that bag around would annoy me."

To which Morgan's instant reply was, "You talking about my bag annoys me."

If she hadn't said it in a tone of utter innocence, she probably would have been in trouble, but as it was, we burst out laughing.

* * *

Morgan has graduated from the carnival kiddie rides! I think she was a little skeptical at first, so we started out on the Scrambler. I don't think I've ever heard anyone laugh for that long since Denise and I thought it would be good exercise to play racquetball together.

She asked me who I went on rides with when I was younger. Oh Aunt Tina, you will have to meet us at the fair and do the Himalayas and Flying Bobsleds with us!

Now I can't wait to take her to Cedar Point and show her the big dogs. Circle rides are for weenies! Bring on the roller coasters!

* * *

And for those of you wondering...yes, we caught the Jaws marathon on Encore. Even though we own all of them, it was just fascinating to turn the TV on at any given time and jump right in!


  1. Racquetball WAS good exercise until I hit myself in the face...which let's face, we all knew was coming.

    I think Morgan has you and Scott pegged -- if I say it in my cute voice I won't get in trouble.

    So should the Millennium be her first experience?

  2. (Tina) We'll be at Cedar Point for the good old Nordson picnic on the 17th if you want to join us! Now, we'll almost surely be in Kiddie Land the whole time, as Anna's not as brave as Morgan yet, but maybe Morgan will need a break from the big dogs once in a while, ha ha!