Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Adult Truth #1

I've been having a little writer's block, and while going through some old e-mails I ran across a "forward" called Adult Truths, so....new feature.

Adult Truth Tuesday. In which I shamelessly steal someones idea.

Adult Truth #1

I think part of a best friend's job should be to immediately clear your computer history if you die.

This might be a job for more than one person.

D - Please remove all "fiction" regardless of password protection. As for the passwords...chances are even I don't remember them. If you choose to publish anything posthumously, for the love of god, please give me a pseudonym and a good editor.

G - You are in charge of any Internet content that could be construed as "stalking". I trust you are familiar. This includes frequent visits to the Joey McIntyre website and/or Boy Band Lovers Anonymous. It wouldn't hurt to look for cookies having to do with Bradley Cooper either. On a related note, you can probably notify all of the above that they can remove their restraining orders.

Y - as my senior staff, you have the following responsibilities (which also apply if I am fired):

1. Go through my "sent" folder and delete anything that wasn't sent to someone in our corporate Lotus Notes directory.
2. Change my "out of office" message to..."I'm out, sucka! Send it to someone who gives a sh*t!"
3. Remove my IMDB and Wikipedia history.
4. Give laptop to D&G to repeat above tasks.


  1. I promise and I actually remember the passwords...

  2. I figured you would.