Wednesday, May 11, 2011

5th Annual Kentucky Derby Party

Another Kentucky Derby has come and gone. If anyone thinks weeks and hours of preparation for an event that takes a little over two minutes is crazy, you are not alone. There may have been a few moments last week when the words "Is it too late to cancel this thing?" were definitely uttered.

Not sure why this year seemed so difficult for us, but I have a feeling it all leads back to the crappy weather we've been having and dreading that we were going to have seventy people jammed into our house (not counting crying infants).

Up until two hours before people started showing up we actually were going to go purchase a patio heater to go with the one we were borrowing from Scott's parents. Then changed our minds because it had been so pleasant. Then kicked ourselves because it started to cool off again.

In the end, when it comes together and everyone is having a good time, it is all worth it.

Oh and there was the small confusion of me thinking I had it starting at 4:30 and the Evite actually said 4:00. Woops. Don't think too many people noticed that Scott was still in the shower when they showed up. Sorry, Altens.

Speaking of them, shout out to Paul for all the trouble he went to to get extra hats for the party and then I never forced anyone to put them on. Note for next year. If you show up without a hat, you are wearing one of his fancy thrift store finds. Don't say I didn't warn you! It's no longer going to be optional....I'm not kidding. You may think that I'm kidding...but I'm not.

For the past couple of years I have wanted to do sack races for the kids, but we kept having such wet springs that the back yard is never dry enough. Enter the spring of eternal rain, crushing our hopes again, until we thought...hey, we have a front yard. We spend so much time in the back, we always forget we have a nice front yard that doesn't reduce to a bog at this time of year.

So the races were on, and (I think) a success.

Colts and Fillies, 4-5 Years - Winner: Nick of Time from Mitchell Run

Colts and Fillies, 6 Years and Up - Winner: Marlo Brandon from Mitchell Run

(Yes, there has been an inquiry into performance enhancers at Mitchell Run)

Colts and Fillies, 2-3 Years - Winner: Avatar from DeMooy Country Club

(although there's been a lot of contesting due to the fact she wasn't actually jumping, but somehow managing to run while wearing a pillow case.)

So here it is by the numbers:

5 hours to come up with Sack Race program (never on company time, of course)

1 vacation day

15 minutes to fix the back fence that the neighbors have been complaining about

2 of their rugs still lying out back by their pool

101 times ask ourselves where we will put everybody if it downpours or is only 40 degrees outside

1 day before party our new roof is completed

49 adults

20 children

3 infants

1 dog locked in our bedroom that peed on our rug

30 pounds of pork shoulder (dry rubbed and shredded)

1 full sheet of Fragapan's cheese pizza

4 cases of beer

5 bottles of wine

1 economy size bottle of Maker's Mark + 6 bottles of water + 3 bunches of crushed mint = my cool new dispenser full of Mint Juleps

1 person that actually likes Mint Juleps

1 bite of summer sausage rolled in cracked pepper = 2 glasses of wine to wash it down

1 and 1/2 hour late, enter Joe Koval

1 sundress + 1 pair of ear muffs = Morgan's amazing fashion statement

19 horses = 38 popsicle sticks = 2 draws of Animal Kingdom = both drawn by the hosts = first time we have EVER won ANYTHING at our own party (sorry)

3 cubic feet of sand outside of the sandbox

4 items left at our house by the Kerbers

1 garbage and 1 recycle can pushed to maximum capacity (pretty sure both have garbage AND recyclables)

2 hour nap on Sunday afternoon

To whoever made the garlic dipping sauce for the yummy bread...I love you....Scott does not.

To whoever made the other dipping sauce (also 50% consumed by yours truly) for the equally yummy bread...I have your bowl.

To those of you with which I never got a chance to hold an actual conversation...there's always next year.

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