Thursday, May 19, 2011

Clean Cup, Move Down

I can taste the vegetables in V8's V-fusion Pomegranate Blueberry juice. Blechhh! Liars!


On-the-road punishment...does anyone make this work for their preschoolers? The other day, I had to run, on three separate occasions, to keep Zoe from running into three separate parking lots because she did not listen when I told her to "STOP!" Then I got to listen to her cry and whine that I forced her to hold my hand to the car.

Any punishment I dole out at this point has to wait until I'm home for enforcement (typically making her give me one of her babies or sit by herself on my bed without toys). But by the time we are home, she is being pleasant and legitimately angelic, so does she even realize what she's being punished for? I have a feeling I'm totally getting played here.


The DVD of Morgan's ballet recital is $FORTY-FIVE$DOLLARS$ plus $8 shipping. As I told the other moms, I could buy two Black Swan blu-rays for that amount. No way I'm paying $53 for 3 minutes of "Breezy Blossom" stage time. Everyone who isn't there will have to make do with the footage I shoot at dress rehearsal.

Thomas & Thomas is already making a butt load off of me, because I can't pass up a picture of the three blossoms all dressed up in blossomy sweetness together. And all I want is a 5x7! That's it.! I do not have the wall space for any more 8x10s, people!


We have a cat. I'm not sure how this happened. I blame it on Scott. Everyone already knows that I'm a sucker for lost pets. But he never even put up an inch of resistance. In fact, when he heard that the girls had named it, he offered to put a cat door in the shed and make it a bed in there. Huh?

So what's the name? It was a tough decision. It is not Mr. Fluffypants because it doesn't even look like Mr. Fluffypants, in case you were wondering (Phineas and Ferb are my heroes). Morgan gave us the unique options of Meow-Meow, Polkadots, or HoHo. Zoe and I unanimously voted for HoHo. There is no such thing as a sugar addiction, Melissa.

By an interesting turn of events, it is much easier to get Zoe dressed in the morning, because she is not allowed to go say "good morning" to HoHo until she has changed out of her pajamas. Winner: Mom.

Only downside - and it's actually funny to watch, but then I feel guilty - is that Potter cannot see her. So when she meows he runs toward the sound, only to bang into a chair or a car or a climbing rose arbor. I'm hoping at some point he is going to learn to just let it go. It's not worth the pain.

So if anybody out there reading this recently lost their cat...finders, keepers. (Just know where I live.)

Author's Note: There is also a possiblity that it is the "fence" neighbor's cat and it just likes us better.


On the way to my parents, the late-afternoon of the Marathon. Out of nowhere.

Morgan: Mommy, I think I'm going to throw up!
Mommy: What?! (Scramble for the plastic bag that is lying on the floor of the Edge, which happens to be the kind of bag the grocery store puts frozen foods into before they put it in a regular bag. Now what is that doing here?)

While she did make it through the car ride there and back, she ended up puking later. Then, of course, came the loose bowel movements. And guess what the only children's Imodium flavor is? Mint. Morgan detests mint. I do not know why other than it is "too spicy".

I tried to help her get enough of a dose down, but I couldn't handle watching her gag. Brought back memories of the banana flavored medicine they prescribed to me as a kid when I had bronchitis. To this day, I hate bananas.

She stayed home from school on Monday and Tuesday. Was able to get through the AM on Wednesday, but it pooped her out (pun intended). Wasn't up for the ballet lesson, but by dinner time had perked back up and was back to normal. So we made it through and nobody else had gotten sick, so that was an added bonus.

....except Scott stayed home from work today because he was nauseous and had a fever...

The cycle continues.

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  1. Ok -- can't you "borrow" the recital DVD and dub it?