Monday, February 21, 2011

Days of Wine and...More Wine

Friday night was PTA Book Club, and I think we had a new record in that all of us in attendance had read at least a portion of the book! Of course, only six of us were there…oh well.

More importantly, we didn’t run out of wine this time.

And then we confirmed once again that we all do the things that we feel guilty about doing so there is no reason to feel guilty about doing said things. And our kids are not freaks and we should stop questioning our parenting skills to much. And spring recreational soccer is rigged.

Saturday night was PTA Adult Outing and if you are getting here via Facebook you may already realize that there was a lot more wine consumed. I guess that’s what happens when you first stop is The Wine Room.

Then we went next door and learned the basic steps for Salsa and Swing dancing. Jen and I are in agreement that Phil was the best dance partner (so what the hell was he so worried about?). None of the husbands commented on us though, which is probably for the best.

I, for one, am just happy there weren’t any mirrors.

It seemed to be over really fast and we didn’t have any casualties; so really, people…get some balls and come out with us next time. What good is an adult outing if you can’t look like an ass in front of the people whose kids your kids are going to eventually date?

After only two mis-sent text messages, I got myself into bed. Of course, even though the girls were at my mom’s I still had trouble sleeping in due to headache and dehydration. Totally worth it.

What wasn’t worth it was going to Yoga.

Bejan was not there and his substitute did not get the memo that I don’t like to flow quite so quickly through my poses; and by the way, I’m a beginner, so you are lucky I can even come close to Downward Dog and Pigeon. Don’t be throwing all these random balance poses at me that I haven’t even heard of, let alone attempted. Jeesh.

He is apparently going to be out next week, too. So I will get the opportunity to find out if I really I am this bad, or my equilibrium was just way off from the night before.

After I managed to forget to put an entire stock pot of excellent corn chowder (I’m talking award winning) in the refrigerator and thus ruining it, I fell asleep at around 9 PM. Yes, I am old. Bring on the March beer tasting!

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