Thursday, January 13, 2011

Prepared for Battle

I'm not really a New Year's Resolution sort of girl. Mostly because every week I tell myself I'm going to do something different. Whether that is spend more time with the girls, make lunches before bed, or stop eating so many damn oreos.

And it usually lasts about a day. Which is to say, if I were to wait a whole year to start over, I'd be in big trouble.

So even though I did go to a group exercise class yesterday, it's not really a resolution. Just a response to the fact that my jeans were getting tighter and I really don't want to buy new jeans. And then there's the fact that we have a club membership that Scott uses extensively and the only times I have gone in the last year are to take the girls to swim lessons. It's economics.

Two years ago I asked for a few personal trainer sessions as my Christmas present and I had a bit of a routine, but eventually I stopped pushing myself as hard as the PT had told me. Which only confirms the fact that I lack self-motivation.

I knew if I was in a class I would be forced to work harder.

Three problems with that:
1. I don't like people watching me.
2. I don't like to do new things.
3. I don't like people watching me do new things.

My choice of classes for Wednesday evening were Pilates, Turbokick, Cardio Circuit or Hatha Yoga. I would have been all for the yoga, but I had already decided I was going to try that class on the weekend, since there weren't any convenient cardio classes that looked appealing at that time.

There was no description for the Cardio Circuit available, but the very word Circuit sounds too complicated.

I really would like to try pilates, but this class was being held in the "Pilates Room" which meant they'd be using the pilates machines instead of just the moves and such. Basically, take my three problems above and multiply them buy 10 when they involve any sort of external equipment.

That leaves Turbokick, which is kickboxing on aerobic steroids. So you will have to give me that I didn't exactly pick the easiest way to enter the world of the physically fit.

But I used to do a boxing workout (from the comfort of my living room) in college, and I figured at least I would know the upper body moves. Jab, Cross, Uppercut, Hook. Pretty easy when there's no one punching back at you.

Guess what. When you add footwork and jumping jacks and a lady yelling in a microphone, it's a lot harder than boxing. There are surprisingly few actual kicks in the class - not that I'm complaining - but a lot of bringing your knees up really high when you punch.

And she gave us the option of occasionally doing "air jacks" instead of regular jacks at certain points, which basically looks like a cheerleader's spread eagle jump a bunch of times in a row. I did not choose that option.

Amazing part - I didn't do that bad. I thought for sure I was going to have to quit halfway through, but I just stopped bouncing quite so much for a while and was able to catch my breath.

And the instructor was a tiny powerhouse of energy, but not bubbly - excellent marks on that front.

Headed home through the arctic cold, where Scott gave me a small look of concern that my face was still so red. It was pretty red. I think I might have a slight oxygen intake problem. It was a good two hours before I returned to my normal pasty-white self.

I'm a little sore in my shoulders and hamstrings, but considering I thought there was a possibility of needing a wheelchair today, I'll take it. Bonus is that I can now include a roundhouse kick in my self-defense repertoire. I'm bad ass.

So any other five season members who want to take this class with me...I'm pretty hooked.


  1. Christmas of 2009: Jake handed me an envelope that I, for one brief shining moment, thought contained cruise tickets. Turns out it was a gym membership for the two of us. I went exactly twice, including the time that I just stopped by to say hello. Had Jake ASKED me if the membership was a good idea before purchasing it, I would have cited the same three things you listed above as the support for my emphatic NO. That's why I'm doubly impressed that you are able to overcome those same feelings for the sake of physical fitness!

  2. Turbokick Butt Anna