Thursday, January 6, 2011

I Now Pronounce You...

Morgan: Can Murray and I have a sleepover?

Mommy: Hmmm...Murray's still little, he might miss his mommy.

Morgan: No, I can sleep over his house.

Mommy: I have no response to that.

Morgan: Mommy, I have a funny story to tell you in the car...(now imagine a story told through a giggling 5-year-old voice)

Today I told the whole bus that I am going to marry Murray. And Addison said she wasn't getting married because kissing is gross. But Murray told me that he told his whole class he is going to marry me. And then...and I only did this because he asked me to...then Murray asked me to kiss him on the lips so I did. Isn't that funny?

Mommy: You are not going to sleep over Murray's house.

Note 1: Murray is 4-year-old boy at sitter's and I cannot hear his name without thinking of Gavin McCloud on the Mary Tyler Moore Show.

Note 2: Pretty much up until today Morgan has told me that kissing is gross, also.

First of all...yikes!

Second of all...the fact that I am not ready for this stage does not bode well for her tween years.

Here is a list of questions I will be asking Murray the next time I see him to determine compatibility.

Concern for the environment: How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

Appreciation of the Arts: "Yo Gabba Gabba", "Jack's Big Music Show", or "Fresh Beat Band"?

Humor: Woopee cushion or prat fall?

Earnings Potential: Fireman or Football Player?

Deductive Reasoning: How many taxi cabs are in New York City? (That's just there because my boss asks it in every interview and I think it is unfair.)


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  2. No kissing until after graduate school.

    13087 cabs in NYC

  3. My absolute favorite line is "...and I only did this because he asked me to." Classic. Good luck, Cousin Anna! Also, I am way too curious about the contents of Denise's original post. It must have been a good one!