Monday, January 18, 2010

One Act Play by Morgan

Act One - Scene One (in the car, on the way home)

Mommy: So did you have fun at school today?
Morgan: Yes.
Mommy: Did you make any crafts?
Morgan: Yes, for Mather Lutin King.
Mommy: Martin Luther King?
Morgan: Yes. It's a bracelet with Black and White and Love.

Act One - Scene Two (later in the car on the way to dinner)
After explaining to Daddy the bracelet, Morgan settles in to play with her toys. Mommy suddenly puts up her hand and motions for Daddy to listen to the back seat.

Morgan: ...a long time ago there were a bunch of mean white people and one nice black man...

The End


  1. If only we could all remember to think like kids once in a while...

  2. I think like a kid all the time...but I would never have thought of that one!
    Loved this post! Kids come out with the most clever, but very true things at times!

  3. My 8th grade students have been reading and studying the rhetorical techniques used by King in his "Letter from Birmingham Jail." Even as gifted as my students are, they struggle sometimes with the difficult prose, but I'm thinking Morgan is getting pretty close to being able to handle the text. Better yet, she could visit our classroom as a guest speaker!