Sunday, January 3, 2010


What I am dreading:

Waking up tomorrow and actually putting normal clothes on, instead of hanging out in my pajamas until lunch time.

Dropping off Morgan and Zoe, even if it is to Nana Turtle since their normal sitter is still on vacation.

Walking from the parking garage to the tower in the bitter cold wind that defies any type of arctic expedition gear.

Listening to my voicemail.

Talking to external auditors about SAS70 reviews.

Talking to other employees about SAS70 reviews.

Talking to internal auditors about SAS70 reviews.

Talking to anyone about risk assessments.

Firing up Turbo Tax.

Going back to the gym.

Things I am NOT dreading:

It's a sad state of affairs, but I miss my co-workers. (As evidenced by the fact that I spent my Pseudo New Year's Eve texting at least one, possibly two, of them.)

Not having to entertain the devil's spawn in her every waking moment.

Taking bets on whether they finally restocked the Cherry Coke Zero on our floor. (If they knew what's good for them, they would fill the whole machine with it.)

Finding out the subject of the first instant message I will get about the "Loud Talker" in my aisle. Will it be about her upcoming doctor appointment? Where her friend wants to have her birthday lunch in July? Or maybe what Parfait got for Christmas? It's such a tough call.

My one and only New Year's resolution: Patience, patience, patience.

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  1. Alice, I find your 2010 resolution just great!and is my resolution , too!Thanks so much for your insightful comments on my blog!
    Love reading them:)