Friday, January 22, 2010

Happy Birthday, Mom

My mom taught me how to create shading and dimension with crayons in my Snow White coloring book while we got our hair cut in Mrs. Stiewald's basement.

She always bought Oreos instead of the gacky Hydrox cookies my dad said were just as good.

She let me get out of bed to watch the Brady Bunch wedding special (the one where Jan and Marcia have a double wedding).

She picked the mold off the hot dog buns before she made us eat them anyway.

She put Barry Manilow and Rogers and Hammerstein in my heart.

She gave me $100 in rolled up quarters to use on my one and only Spring Break trip that they said I had to pay for myself.

She let me watch all the good morning game shows while drinking 7 Up when I stayed home sick from school.

I'm sure she did some other things, too. But those are definitely the most important.

Happy Birthday!

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