Friday, October 9, 2009

Nothing Like a Pandemic

So I have a feeling this is going to be a fun flu season. You cannot go five minutes without hearing about H1N1 these days.

I myself have never gone in for the hype.

I do not carry hand sanitizer with me at all times. I have never gotten a flu shot in my life. And my kids go outside without hats on. There I said it.

I do, however, wash my hands after going to the bathroom. Aren't you glad to know that? So today at work, as I was washing my hands, I read one of the signs that has been hanging for so long on the mirror, I don't even see it anymore.

It's about the correct way to wash your hands. The fact that we have to have instructions for washing our hands is a travesty in itself, but one of the points is just the epitome of insanity.

It's telling me to wash my hands for 20 seconds. Seems innocent enough. But then goes on to say that I should "sing Happy Birthday to a friend" two times in order to measure out these 20 seconds.

Here's a thought - why don't I just COUNT TO TWENTY.


  1. Tina here...Same with teeth brushing- why do I have to sing a song so that little Anna brushes her teeth the correct length of time? Isn't it better that I watch to make sure she is actually brushing the surface of every tooth and not timing her, instead of just listening to my rough rendition of "My Favorite Things" and brushing her front teeth over and over again after she has eaten the toothpaste off her brush? I think that as a parent I am a little more intelligent than the people making those suggestions...

  2. I agree wholeheartedly with you on many accounts - for instance, my children are all in their 20's and you know, I sent them out MANY a time neither in hats or gloves AND sometimes without shoes, one time I was visiting relatives in Southern Oregon and the weather was deliciously coastal, sunny, windy and the ocean glowing like a sapphire. The kids couldn't resist offing their clothes to jump in and they were splashing about joyously when a pursed lipped woman looked at me askance asking "do you know where their mother is?????" I smiled and gestured up the hill, "I think I saw someone up that way..."
    But yes, thank you for washing your hands after using the bathroom. I do appreciate it so!