Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Big Brother

You would think having multiple birthdays to celebrate in a row would make them easier to remember. I did manage to remember Scott's yesterday. Impressive, I know. And technically, I remembered my brother Charlie's several times today. Just not at moments when I could do anything about it, and then it quickly slipped my mind again and again.

Happy Birthday!

As if you actually read this. You are reading this, aren't you? You better read this, you're my brother. And unlike John, I have actually seen you crack a book, so I know you are literate. (No offense, John.)

As big brothers go, he's not so bad. I'm pretty sure he didn't torture me like he did John. I was never hung from the balcony by my ankles. He didn't pelt me with acorns in the fall or snowballs in the winter. He didn't hide my "guns" that I made out of scrap wood and rubber bands. Probably because I didn't make any. (Then again, maybe he did torture me and it was so bad I don't remember.)

In fact, I'm not entirely sure he realized I was there. Which is probably a good thing, considering my "awkward" phase and penchant for bad hair.

I mean, there was of course the time that we were running late for school and he drove the piece of crap "Goose" through a puddle that sprayed up through the rust holes in the floor and covered me in water. But (A) at least I had a ride to school so I didn't have to take the bus and (B) he did offer the suggestion of changing into my gym clothes.

Mostly, I thought he was pretty cool. I'm pretty sure the feeling wasn't mutual, but that's okay. I like to think I've gained a little "cred" now that we're older and found several things in common:

Our sense of humor.
Quoting movies to the annoyance of everyone else in the room.
Ability to make fun of John.

And just so the rest of you realize what a great guy he is...when we were in middle school, he would always leave our school bus hut in the freezing cold winter wind to see if the bus was coming. He never made me do it. (Of course if dad had just situated the hut so that we could watch for the bus without leaving it...)


  1. ahhh I'm afraid we're kindreds, you and I...that you would BLOG your brother's birthday? yes, I've done the same. I love your style and I love that you're disappointed every time you don't win the lottery...it's something my brother and I live for is to look up at the big billboard outside of town with our breath held and then POOOOOFFF dang! Someone won our millions! We honestly do see that as OUR millions too:-)

  2. After reading YOUR blog, I'm honored you would give me that title. I love your pictures...and not just the photos. I only read a few back, but I intend to keep up, to get to know you. Have a wonderful day.

  3. I just thought I'd write to say how ironic that there is TWO Alice In Wonderlands writing to the same woman at the same time! I wonder how long you have been writing? It seems like I am writing to myself!
    Please stay in touch! Curiouser and curiouser!!!!
    I just wonder about fat too many things!