Thursday, February 7, 2013

Parent of the Year

Group text I sent last night:

Pictures embedded in the text:

So first it me or is that wildly inappropriate for elementary school?  Are high school kids buying these Valentines and handing them out?  Is my dirty mind reading too much into this?  Is "hot" what the kids are calling "cool" these days?  Leftover from Paris Hilton?

Next Text Conversation I had:


In my defense, considering I thought I was talking to D, it was not at all strange that she didn't know who Jacob was.

I guess someone else in Toledo is now aware that I'm a less than stellar parent.

And this is the kind of sympathy I get from my friends:

Only D would have hoped for a Package reference to further humiliate myself in front of a complete stranger.  It's like the Taco Bell drive thru all over again.

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