Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Depression Otherwise Known as January

I had thought that my first day back to work after my two week vacation would suck, but…it was more like changing explosive baby poo blow out diapers ALL DAY.

Nothing actually went wrong. It just wasn’t vacation. And it’s not like my vacation was a picnic. It just wasn’t work.

The worst part was waking Morgan up for school, which I knew – no matter how much I had prepped her the last couple of days – was going to feel like rubbing the aforementioned poo in my eyes.

6:30 AM I enter the lion’s den. Which really isn’t very much like a den, because they use up to four night lights and insist I keep the blinds open so the street lamp can shine in. (This would be the downside to my kids watching PG and PG-13 movies, but it’s really the only one.)

Morgan immediately lets out one of her long, droning groans. Then she says, “I’m just not a morning person.”

Oh, yes. She is my child. I refrain from informing her that if she lives to be 100 she has 94 more years of hating mornings. At least I only have 63.

Zoe, on the other hand, is Daddy’s girl and I’m pretty sure would happily go out on his 5:00 AM 10-mile runs – as long as he pushed her in her stroller, because she’s pretty damn lazy.

So after a few modified sun salutations…modified because the sun isn’t actually up at this god awful hour and because my kids do not understand that they can touch the floor without bending their knees…we were on our way.

Honestly, we did well. Mainly because I had anticipated all of this and packed lunches and book bags the night before. If only I could establish that habit for the entire year.

Highlight of my day was trying to explain to the financial analyst that will begin his rotation in my department on Monday what it is we actually do. Seriously…after five years…still don’t know. Yes…highlight!

So now I’m sitting back, watching a little Storage Wars and looking forward to crawling into the flannel sheets I finally put on the bed this week. I resolve to have a more positive blog post next time.


  1. No need to have positive blog posts when the negative ones are so much fun to read! Your second paragraph sums up my thoughts about going back to work EXACTLY. Also, I am definitely related to Morgan. Tell her Cousin Katie is not a morning person either, yet she chose a career that requires a 5:15 A.M. wake-up time. (5:35 if I decide not to do anything with my hair.) Advise Morgan to consider carefully what she might want to do with her life. Surely there is a vocation she would enjoy that does not require getting up at the ass crack of dawn.

  2. According to her last time capsule assignment, she wants to be an artist, so that will work out okay.