Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Martha Stewart Floor Cleaning Arsenal

In honor of my first-born's ninth birthday. Never thought he would make it another year. We apologize for letting a cat into what should be the sweet life of your twilight years.

Broom and dustpan
Uses: Oreo crumbs, cobwebs, dog hair, ant colonies, dried up Play-Doh, dog hair, piece of string cheese left under the couch last week, dog hair.

Uses: Dog hair

Wet Swiffer
Uses: Dog hair stuck to floor with slobber

Electric Broom
Uses: Dog hair off the hardwood floors and low pile carpeting

Little Green Machine
Uses: Dog hair stuck to furniture upholstery with slobber

Uses: All of the above - most notably, dog hair - off the high pile rugs

Shop Vac
Uses: Dog hair off the stairway runner.

Lint Roller
Uses: When your regular vacuum and your shop vac both stop sucking in the same weekend because they have too much dog hair that has made it into the actual motors.

1. Get down on your hands and knees.
2. Swipe lint roller across rug one time.
3. Remove no-longer-adhesive layer from lint roller.
4. Repeat as necessary.

Note: One full lint roller will clean about 3 square feet of high dog hair traffic.

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