Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Great Pumpkin Killed My Cell Phone

I have really needed to get a new phone since…oh, let’s see…my first blackberry lept off the roof of my car while I was getting on the highway to come home after work. That was over a year ago.

Up until today, I had been using Denise’s previous model, that she let me “borrow” until I was due for an upgrade in…oh, let’s see…April 2010. And considering I’ve known that the bank was going to stop paying for my data plan since…oh, let’s see…April 2010…I really should have gotten one by now, but thankfully I had not.

Today I knocked my/Denise’s phone off my kitchen counter and into Potter’s water bowl (which includes both water and St. Bernard slobber). It has not recovered.

I knocked my phone off the counter, looking for a thermometer – a thermometer that I used maybe an hour prior to the incident and have not found since. Seriously, where could it have gone?

I needed a thermometer because Morgan was home sick with a fever. And let me tell you it takes a lot to keep Morgan down. She’s like her dad – works through the pain. Me…if I have to use more than one Kleenex in the morning, I’m ready to call off work. (But I don’t, of course, which can be attested to by Gregg and Mary who share wall space with me.)

Morgan was most likely sick from a typical weekend approaching Halloween, which to a little kid ranks below Santa but above the Easter Bunny.

Saturday started with a trip to the dentist, moved on to a friend’s Halloween Tea Party Birthday (which marks her first appearance in costume for the season), and ended with a cousin sleepover.

Sunday came with the promise of a trip to Grandpa Ray’s pumpkin patch which he had put in a corner of his farm especially for the great grand children. This had been hyped for about a week.

When we got there, the girls ran to where we pointed then stopped and turned in circles. “Where’s the pumpkin patch?”

Umm…you’re standing in it.”

Okay, so not exactly the pumpkin patch where one might spend Halloween night, missing tricks or treats and awaiting the arrival of the fabled Great Pumpkin…but it did the job. In retaliation for this less than extraordinary (but in my opinion, completely sincere) pumpkin patch…the Great Pumpkin killed my cell phone.


  1. I am going to get a Storm (maybe) but don't worry I will keep my Tour for when you kill your next one.

  2. i have to give up on the blackberry, because it doesn't make sense to have it without the work data feed. i'll probably get a droid, so i can still get the verizon discount.

  3. As someone who once sent her own cell phone through the washing machine, I empathize. If you get a Droid, are you still going to have time for blogging? Because ever since Jake got his, he is very, very busy making goo-goo eyes at it. If he has shown me one "really cool app," he has shown me them all.

    Thanks for posting the adorable pictures of the kids! They brought back memories of other Halloweens and cousin overnights. :)