Sunday, October 10, 2010

Bay Village Bicentennial Celebration

Yes, I know I have my fun with the city of Bay Village, but I do love living here. No, my kids don’t experience “diversity” every day, nor are they exposed to poverty.

Mommy: (explaining why I wanted the television turned off) You know, some people don’t even have a TV.
Morgan: (**gasp** then silent, thoughtful reflection) Well, Mom, we could always invite them to come watch at our house. They could all take turns watching one show, because it’s always nice to share.

The majority (maybe all, I don't know) of public land in Bay Village was willed to the city from the Cahoon family that settled here on October 10, 1810 under the stipulation that the city could not use the property for any organized events (specifically boating and swimming) on Sundays.

So with great irony, our bicentennial fell on…Sunday. Hmm, what to do…I’ll tell you what you do…you throw a church service into the middle of the festivities. Hi, Loophole.

And while it was a very a nice service (with all six churches represented)…and I get that the town was founded by very Christian people…and I’m not all about political correctness…I don’t know…it still felt wrong to be excluding people…even if they are the extreme minority…

On the other hand, it’s great to have a community that is so committed to our children and to creating a place that shows the value of doing things as a family, by putting on these amazing events like Bay Days and Movies in the Park. It makes the saying “it takes a village” seem quite poetic.

So, yes, I enjoyed myself immensely and the girls had a blast. Thank you, Ida Cahoon. And my apologies to my one Jewish friend. And now, for your viewing pleasure...a photo essay.

Crafts, Civil War Era demonstrations, and Beer Can Chicken (not actually at the bicentennial, it's on my own grill, but I always think it’s funny to look at beer can chicken)


Lighting of the new cupola (again, my dummy-proof camera is not exactly great for night shots)


  1. I didn't know he was Jewish. How did that get by me? TWO! (not that i categorize my friends, of course.)