Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Road to Kindergarten, Vol. 12

(Synopsis for those just joining: we live in PM kindergarten zone, sitter lives in AM, transportation department wouldn't agree to pick her up so I've spent the summer awaiting the return of the principal to plead my case.)

Morgan is officially an AM student. I got the call this morning, and he was very kind. Of course he reiterated several times how he was bending the rules for me and only doing it because he could tell how important it was to me.

Well, I would say needing transportation is little more important than someone asking to switch so Suzy and Sally could be in the same classroom. But that's just me.

Not to mention, I was perfectly willing to take the PM slot as long as they ran the bus out there, so let's not go over the top with the martyrdom.

On the other hand, it is impossible not to like this man. He looks quite a bit like dear old Mr. Magoo when he loses his glasses, but doesn't seem to have the same eyesight trouble.

When we went to sign our form, he came out from his office and introduced himself to Morgan. Then he asked her if he could show her some things in the school. Ended up taking us out to the aquarium, then around to the courtyard to look at the gold fish pool, and through the gymnasium.

Morgan giggled the whole time, and I can only imagine it was because she was picturing him trying to go up the down escalator because he got on the wrong one. Or maybe that was just me. Does anyone else remember Mr. Magoo? Where did he go? week is the Kindergarten Screening and Morgan does not do well under pressure, so we'll see how that goes. I only wish they asked for an oral presentation on the different whale species or how to survive a shark attack. At the very least she could do a recitation of the Jabberwocky poem.

I mean, really...who has to know how to match upper and lower case letters these days?

And this week Zoe has become terrified of the bath tub. I'm talking blood curdling screams the entire time it takes to wash her hair and body, while she make desperate attempts at escape. The culprit? That dang drain. After almost 2 and a half years, she's decided she could possibly go down it with the water. Oh, this is fun!


  1. I remember one thing from when I assisted with kindergarten round up (yeah some idiot thought I would do well counseling children). I got to work the "emotional maturity" station where we asked children to draw a person. The more detailed the better. 1 point for each limb, facial features, and clothing. A big blob was not good. I bet that is more important than letters, right?

  2. (Tina) Anna went through that with the bath too. For a while we had to either fill up the wading pool or a plastic storage tub with warm water from buckets to bathe her. That was insane!

  3. (Beth) We have the opposite problem. We can't seem to get Ava out of the bath tub. Sometimes she even insists on sitting there until all the water has drained out! Glad to hear Morgan's kidergarten transportation issue has been solved!