Wednesday, April 14, 2010


So I missed my best-friend-since-fifth-grade's birthday.

It's not like it's a hard one to remember, seeing how it's on April Fool's Day. And seeing how my own daughter's birthday is five days later. But it seems I am constantly using my blog to wish belated birthdays and hoping that my fond recollections will somehow make up for my lack of innate timeline. So, to my best friend Gerri...

Thank you for being there in the back row of Mr. Burger's classroom.
Thank you for helping me sneak all those notes into Aaron Mahilo's locker.
Thank you for saving me my swing.
Thank you for taking basketball stats with me.
Thank you for not laughing at me for being a Falconette.
Thank you for appreciating the movie Meet Me in St. Louis.
Thank you for taking driver's ed with me.
Thank you for driving me to school every day after that.
Thank you for breaking up with Fletch for me.
Thank you for pulling barn duty with me at the fair.
Thank you for helping me establish the Laws of the Midway.
Thank you for pretending I'm half as bad-ass as you are.

And thank you for always being my friend, no matter how long it is in between our conversations and visits. (It's always too long, and I know that is my fault.)

Happy Birthday!


  1. That's the best belated birthday wish I've read. You and she are lucky to have each other, belated or not.

  2. you could make an amazing card out of that birthday wish! what a good friend you are!