Monday, September 28, 2009

My New Friend - A One Act Play by Morgan

Morgan: When we have free time today I’m going to find Macie and play with her. She is a little girl I met. Her name is Macie. I told you about her. She’s a fish.

Mommy: (silent for a while, wondering if Macie is a girl or a fish or a figment of the imagination) Do you mean Macie is in the Fish room? Like you’re a Butterfly?

Yes, Macie’s a fish. Do you want to know how I met her?

Mommy: Definitely.

Morgan: (in one breath) Some boys pushed her and then they were riding bikes and then she came over and asked if she could play with me and then I said yes and now we are friends and we’re going to play together again today.

Mommy: Well, that was nice of you to let her play with you. And that was a nice story to tell me, thank you.

In dedication to my best friends who:

Carried my tricycle to her driveway so I could ride bikes with her; let me borrow her Sweet Valley High and V.C. Andrews books; took me on my first roller coaster; rigged her Monte Carlo with a piece of 2-by-4 so I could reach the pedals and learn how to drive.

Walked into Mr. Burger’s fifth grade classroom with me, despite hating me in fourth grade; saved me a swing when ever she got out for recess before me in middle school; helped me develop Rules of the Midway; went to see Joey McIntyre with me when we were way too old to be doing such nonsense.

Wrote the first of many stories with me; didn’t mind that I came to her house to watch cable and read her TV Guide (“If you read the TV Guide, you don’t need a TV” – The Lost Boys); allowed me to leave and come back; always offers to help paint walls.


  1. Our childhood proves that kids don't need material things to be happy... give us a Friday night bonfire, some fireflies to catch, some baloney to roast on a stick, and we were happy campers. : )