Monday, June 13, 2011

A Very Merry Unbirthday To Me

How did I spend my birthday?

80°F. Walked Morgan to school and checked on the robin's nest. Eggs had hatched and three little beaks were waiting for mom to come back. Girls were REALLY excited.

80°F. Walked home and watched an episode of Veronica Mars with Zoe. I don't know. I just had this craving to do a Veronica Mars marathon and it happens to be on Netflix streaming so I've been sneaking episodes here and there.

85°F. Zoe starts to ride tricycle to library, but decides it's too far and we go back. Zoe starts to ride scooter to library, but decides it's too hard and we go back. Push Zoe in the stroller to the library and find an empty bird's nest that had fallen on to the side walk. Biggest one we have ever found, so that's cool.

90°F. Walk from library to the elementary school and show all the other kids and Morgan's teacher the nest. Learn about Morgan's teacher's abnormal fear of birds. On the way home, we debate eating a "picnic" on the porch and setting up the slip and slide. By the time we get home, Morgan and I don't want to leave the AC. I catch Zoe trying to sit in her water table. And HoHo is hanging out underneath it on the wet pavement.

95°F. Head to the girl's annual check up. No shots for either of them this time!

100°F. Okay, maybe I'm exaggerating now, but it was damn hot. Make a Costco run and let them have hotdogs for an early dinner since we're heading to the gym later. I finish Zoe's hot dog for her and thus continue to burp it up for the remainder of the evening.

100°F. Put the girls in Kids Club while Michelle and I take a spin class and sweat some more of my ass off (if only that literally happened)! Scott picks the girls up and takes them out to the pool, while we hit a yoga class, ending with a modified Savasana pose that kicked ass. That's right, a double work out for me on my birthday. Scott must be rubbing off on me.

100°F. Scott goes to bed at 10:30 so I get to watch another Veronica Mars episode. What a great day!

How did I spend the day after my birthday?

If you are my facebook friend you may have seen me post a picture about how much I love East 4th in the morning. Pretty. Clean. Construction guys just starting to show up. City workers watering all the lovely flower baskets.

On this particular morning I walked in front of Chinato and a few pieces of gravel or cement fell from above and almost hit me in the head.

Then some woman had made Lola's her personal patio and was sitting there on her phone PAINTING HER TOENAILS! I mean, it's not like she had her feet on the table, but still. Can you have a little class? People are going to be eating lunch at that table later on.

Spent most of the morning getting fired up over other people's incompetence. Could have really used the Savasana I learned the night before in yoga. Unfortunately, I think someone might have called security if they found me laying like a corpse in the middle of my cubicle aisle.

A couple days earlier Scott told me we had been invited to share some box seats at the Palace Theater, but he couldn't remember the name of the show. Details? Pshaw.

Turns out it's one of the Broadway Series shows Next to Normal. The lead actress is the original performer that won the Tony for it. I heard in Pittsburgh her understudy went on because she was "resting her voice". She should have kept resting. The remaining cast was great and I loved the show, despite the depressing topic.

What it did manage to do, was get me back in the mood for musical theater. Here are my top 10 shows I would like to see, most of which I already know the music, that is how sad I am: Wicked, Miss Saigon, Hair, Jekyll and Hyde, Sweeny Todd, Les Miserables, Spring Awakening, American Idiot, The Book of Mormon, and Catch Me If You Can.

Phil, notice no mention of the great ticket debacle.

How did I spend the day after the day after my birthday?

Took my time getting out of bed and dropped the girls off while I was still wearing my pajamas. I love that.

Spent the morning having the great debate over what movie we should see that afternoon. Pretty sure we haven't seen a movie together since my birthday last year when I picked The A-Team, because I am awesome like that. This morning it was weighing the pros and cons of The Hangover 2 or Bridesmaids, occasionally reading reviews from other movies that hadn't even been on our radar.

Apparently the new X-Men movie was getting great marks, but I was kind of X-Men-ed out and was still a little miffed that I had missed seeing Thor (it was only showing in 3-D at something like 10 in the morning).

Took our debate on the road to Lucky's Cafe where we have never eaten, but have always wanted to. Had their home made berry soda and the grilled cheese of the day with cream of tomato soup. Perfect for the crappy weather that was pouring down on us. Since we got there at 11, we had no wait. So yes, it was everything they say and more. We purchased two cupcakes to go.

So which will it be? Hangover or Bridesmaids?

That would be Super 8.

I had first said no, because I thought it was some chiller horror movie, but then I got intrigued, because Scott showed me it was PG-13 and Steven Spielberg produced it. So I read a review and it quickly moved to the top of the list. Very happy with the decision, because I'm glad we got to see it in the theater as opposed to watching it later at home. I believe I told someone that it was a mix of Goonies, E.T., Stand By Me, and Close Encounters all on steroids. Throw in there Independence Day and that about covers it. And the kids were phenomenal.

Wrapped up the day with an Executive "Committee" PTA meeting...more commonly known as hanging out on my friend's porch, drinking beer, eating buffalo chicken dip and chocolate chip cookies.

So there you have it. And that's not even counting how I spent my weekend: soccer game, pool, grad party, daisy scout family picnic, and Game of Thrones shocker (or would have been a shocker if I didn't always read ahead for spoilers). Has anybody figured out how to slow their life down?

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