Friday, March 26, 2010

Just a Half a Cup, If You Don't Mind

Words Morgan Knows That Shocked the Hell Out of Me

Paleontologist -
"Steve is the Paleontologist on Dinosaur train. That means he knows all about dinosaurs. I like the dinosaurs that don't eat meat. The meat eating ones are mean."
"Eating meat, doesn't make them mean. You're a meat eater."
"I am?"
Mommy does not elaborate for fear of a hunger strike.

Composition -
After making a stack of stuffed animals that she doesn't want Zoe to knock down: "Let's have a game where we see who can look at the composition the longest without talking."
(This sounds suspiciously like one of Mommy's games.) Really? Composition? Maybe that school is worth it.

The Student Becomes the Teacher

"When we learned K, Miss Marilyn had a picture of an Orca, but I told her Orca doesn't start with K, and she said it was a Killer Whale, but I know it's an Orca and Killer Whale is the mean name for it."

Don't mess with my marine biologist, Lady.

Zoe Update

We went in to wake up Morgan and she points at Beluga and says "Boo Ga". It is possible that Morgan is brain washing her.

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  1. Well that takes the cake. I can neither pronounce nor spell Paleontologist, but a tiny five-year-old zooms right past me. I think I need to oil the wheels on my mental wheelchair.